Christmas Jokes

Описание: What sort of phone has Santa got? Pay as you ho, ho, ho! The perfect stocking filler, Christmas Jokes is full of seasonal silliness and funny festive jokes that will keep you laughing for days - and that's sno joke! This snowman-shaped book is packed with hundreds of hilarious Christmas jokes including: Why is it so cold at Christmas? Because it's Decembrrrrr What do ducks do before their Christmas dinner? Pull their Christmas quackers! What does a grumpy mouse send another mouse at Christmas? A Cross-mouse card What do elves use for making Christmas cakes? Elf-raising flour
Бренд: Mac Children Books
Категория: Художественная литература для детей на англ.яз.
Год: 2017
Артикул или ISBN: 9781509860357

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