Curious George Joins the Team

Описание: In this Curious George story, George learns that a wheelchair doesn't stop his friend Tina from anything - even joining a basketball team! Now in paperback. Curious George has a playdate at a park designed for children of all abilities, perfect for his new friend, Tina, who uses a wheelchair. While they are playing together, Tina spots some kids playing her favorite game: basketball. George jumps right into the action, but Tina is too shy to ask to join. George suspects Tina is just as good-even better-than the other kids. Can he come up with a way to show the players she's got game and help her overcome her shyness? This story celebrates how kids of all abilities can play together!
Бренд: Hongshun Children Products co., ltd
Категория: Художественная литература для детей на англ.яз.
Автор: Margret
Год: 2019
Артикул или ISBN: 9781328910479

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