Knowledge Encyclopedia. Updated & expanded edition

Описание: Change the way you see the world with a groundbreaking visual approach to the wonders of our planet. From Viking raiders and Samurai warriors to robotics and chemical reactions, amazing animals, the human body, the marvels of history, and more are visualized in incredible detail, inside and out, providing a mind-blowing introduction to every aspect of human knowledge. You'll find yourself utterly absorbed as complex subjects become clear through engaging explanations, incredible illustrations, phenomenal photographs and jaw-dropping 3D images. This fully updated edition of Knowledge Encyclopedia will continue to fascinate young readers with its microscopic detail and amazing facts on tons of topics. Explore the universe, from the inside of an atom to enormous galaxies, then discover the explosive science behind a fireworks display. Take a look at what makes the human brain so special and find out how our bodies cells make energy. Journey through history from the earliest life forms to our hairiest ancestors and then right up to our world today.
Бренд: Dorling Kindersley
Категория: Художественная литература для детей на англ.яз.
Год: 2018
Артикул или ISBN: 9780241287316

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