Margaret Wise Browns Manners

Описание: From the author of Goodnight Moon: a never-before-published story! There is a way to close your mouth when you chew and a way not to close your mouth when you chew. In this witty book by Margaret Wise Brown, adorable animal characters show how good manners can open up the world to a child. Simple text uses opposites to illustrate a good way and a not-so-good way to wait in line, eat at the table, behave at a party, and treat an animal. Even the youngest children will quickly understand the message, brought to them in a gentle and amusing way. By the author of Goodnight Moon--who knew a thing or two about how to reach and teach young readers.
Бренд: Random House
Категория: Первые книги малыша на английском языке
Автор: Brown Margaret Wise
Серия: Little Golden Book
Год: 2017
Артикул или ISBN: 9781101939734

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