My Mixed Emotions. Learn to Love Your Feelings

Описание: This super-useful book is packed with helpful hints, tips, and techniques showing children how to recognize and express their emotions. Feelings can be tricky, so My Mixed Emotions is here to coach children through a variety of situations including dealing with bullying, grief, and how to cope if your family splits up. Divided into happiness, fear, anger, and sadness, My Mixed Emotions explores the four main emotions, the reasons why we feel them, and the science behind each one. Children will discover great things about themselves, such as what happens in their brain when they are happy, why they cry when they are sad, and why they sometimes feel nervous. My Mixed Emotions will become a friend and guide as children travel through the mixed-up world of emotions to discover the wonderful, unique person that they are.
Бренд: Dorling Kindersley
Категория: Первые книги малыша на английском языке
Автор: Greenwood Elinor
Серия: My First
Год: 2018
Артикул или ISBN: 9780241323762

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