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Playway to English. Second Edition. 1 Class. Audio CDs

Описание: Pupils acquire English through play, music and Total Physical Response, providing them with a fun and dynamic learning experience. At Level 1 children learn to use English confidently through listening and speaking before they are taught to read and write in levels 2, 3 and 4. The course features a wide range of support materials for teachers, including a DVD with entertaining sketches and animated cartoon stories, presenting target language in an amusing and motivating way. The course comes with a set of illustrated story cards and flashcards to help children remember what they've learned.
Бренд: Cambridge
Категория: Изучение иностранного языка
Автор: Gerngross Gunter, Puchta Herbert
Серия: Playway to English
Год: 2015
Артикул или ISBN: 4623720779689

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Playway to English. Second Edition. 1 Class. Audio CDs 1124.00 руб. Купить в Labirint


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