Springtime Babies

Описание: It's springtime on the farm--and that means adorable piglets, lambs, and ducklings are waiting to be discovered. The perfect Easter or baby shower gift, fun to read all year long! Pony's in the pasture. Gray Goose hears him say, "Let's find the springtime babies follow me this way!" Join the barnyard parade as Pony and Gray Goose go in search of animal babies just born on the farm. There are "bunnies in a basket and ducklings in a row," and of course piglets and fluffy lambs! But there are more babies to love when all the animals find the farmer and his wife holding their very own twins!
Бренд: Random House
Категория: Художественная литература для детей на англ.яз.
Автор: Smith Danna
Серия: Little Golden Book
Год: 2018
Артикул или ISBN: 9781524715168

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