Whos That Hiding In the Chimney?

Описание: A humorous and interactive holiday flap book! This colorful rhyming board book asks children to play a fun guessing game. The verse on each page gives hints about who or what is hiding under the flap; when they lift that flap, kids see whether or not they got it right! It's Christmas Eve, and magical things are happening everywhere. But can you figure out which snowy creature stands guard outside Santa's grotto, what busy little toymaker hammers and taps in Santa's workshop, and which jolly figure will be coming soon to a chimney near you? This is the perfect book for putting under the Christmas tree!
Бренд: Salariya
Категория: Первые книги малыша на английском языке
Автор: Pierce Nick, Lundie Isobel
Год: 2018
Артикул или ISBN: 9781912537327

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